Reddit has reportedly removed the choice for users to pay for their top rate membership program, Reddit Gold, in Bitcoin (BTC) bringing up an “upcoming Coinbase trade”, according to a Reddit publish in subreddit /r/btc posted March 23.

Reddit person BitcoinXio posted a video of the steps to provide any other consumer Reddit Gold, displaying that the best price options are PayPal and credit card.


Reddit user emoney40, a moderator of numerous subreddits however no longer /r/btc, commented that the trade is because of the Coinbase commerce alternate:

“the approaching Coinbase change, combined with some bugs across the Bitcoin price choice that have been affecting purchases for sure customers, led us to remove Bitcoin as a fee choice.”

Coinbase published on its Medium page in early March 2018 about retiring Coinbase service provider tools in area of Coinbase trade, which they mentioned “can be disruptive to Coinbase merchant tool clients.” As of April 30, traders that used Coinbase merchant gear will not have get admission to to that product, with may 31 as the very last date for the required switch to Coinbase trade.

User emoney40 additionally stated that adding BTC again as a payment alternative isn’t always a assure:

“we are going to check call for and watch the progression of Coinbase commerce earlier than making a decision on whether or not to reenable.”

A few Reddit users at the thread commented that they have been now not using BTC to pay for Reddit Gold besides, due to the high transaction expenses. However, in February BTC transaction prices dipped below the fee of Bitcoin cash (BCH) costs, which have been one of the most important speakme points of BTC’s competitors.