Is Coinspot A Scam?

Is Coinspot a scam?

Or is it legit? We review it here and show you how to buy and sell cryptocurrency and bitcoin on


Is Coinspot A Scam?

No, Coinspot is not a scam, as a regular user of Coinspot to buy and sell crypto in australia through coinspot, the website has come along way since its inception a few years ago. The site has been updated with nearly 60 altcoins. Making it the biggest coin exchange in Australia.

Is Coinspots Prices Fair?


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Back a few years ago, even as soon as last year, the the prices for bitcoin and altcoins where more attractive through coinspot then any other exchange, however, there was a catch, this was that any coins purchased where not allowed to be sent out from coinspot. Merely making it a haven for traders only. This has changed from the last few months and Coinspot now allows the users to send to there hard wallets, we do not recomend sending to other exchanges as an exchange to exchange transaction could get lost in the crypto chain.

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Mobile & Desktop Freindly

The website looks good on any device, whether it is on PC, Iphone, Android or even tablets or Ipads. You can control your coins on the go and buy and sell on your lunch breaks, I have been buying and selling on Coinspot before I was a full time investor of Bitcoin & Altcoins. It works, with a 1% fee for buying and selling within the platform, you cant go wrong! Also, for the Aussies out there, the GST and tax portion only comes into play once you transfer the coin to your bank account, so if you trade for years and watch it grow without pulling out every 2 days, you will not have to pay zip. But we encourage the payment of tax to ATO, because just like regular stocks, bitcoin is an asset share.


Coinspot is not a scam, it is safe, I recomend this platform over many others.

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