CoinSpot now has 1% fees you heard it correctly the

popular Australian cryptocurrency exchange platform has now taken away

the old 3% fees and has introduced a 1% b across the board

What does CoinSpot’s 1% fees mean for you?

This is such a boost for the Australian cryptocurrency exchange

platform. CoinSpotnow Rivals overseas exchanges such as coinbase bittrex

binance and many others. It may seem like a subtle change, but a 1% fee

for buying and selling Bitcoin is absolutely amazing.

Everybody knows that coin spot is the world’s easiest and best platform

to use, the only downside to this platform was that it had a 3% fee.

Check out the image below for a screen cap of the new fee structure.

What does coinspot's 1% new fee mean for you

Coinspot’s New 1% Fee Structure


We believe in simplicity and fairness.

CoinSpot starts off on the Fees Page by stating they believe in Simplicity and fairness.

Then begin to write instant buy and sell fees for buying and selling coins is 1%.

However, when you do decide to buy BTC LTC ETH & DOGE markets the fee is 0.25%


When sending coins to wallets outside CoinSpot you will be charged a

standard transaction (mining) fee. Please note that the fee will vary

per coin based on how busy the network is. The current fee is always

listed on the wallet page.

Deposit AUD

POLi payments deposits have no fee.

BPAY payments have a 0.9% fee.

Cash payments have a 3% fee.

Withdraw AUD

It is free to withdraw AUD from your CoinSpot account to your Australian bank account.

There have been plenty of Traders that used to trade on coin spot who

have moved to other platforms due to these fees even though it is only

being a one or two percent difference compared to the other fees it

actually makes a large difference when you are trading at higher levels

over $5,000 to $10,000 a day.

Finally, Some Great News About CoinSpot New Fees

Coinspot new 1% Fees
So you will be pleased to know that CoinSpot has finally come around

and knock some sense into the platform and the owners have finally

realized that lowering the fees will introduce more Traders.

If you have not yet joined coins bots platform please do so by clicking

here and you’ll be transferred to this sign up page where you can sign

up and start trading on coin spot right away if you are based in


If you need a tutorial about how to sign up to CoinSpot

If you need a tutorial about how to sign up to the CoinSpot

platform please read one of our other posts which explains how to

register and sign up to CoinSpot.

We also have looked into whether CoinSpot is a scam which we

have concluded that it has reached and 97% success rate in which proves

to us that it is not a scam as we, and thousands of Traders in Australia

use this platform daily.

The CoinSpot cryptocurrency exchange is the easiest platform to start

trading on right away as well as improved features for experts at all


We think that the CoinSpot platform is sort of like an iPhone verse

an Android device with Android is a little more complicated and the

iPhone is such an easy to use screen that is what the CoinSpot platform

is like.


So what are you waiting for come and visit CoinSpot and start trading

right away and notice the difference in the huge and improved fees


The changes take effect from Tuesday 10th of April which is the same day I write this post.

I will post some important links below

Thank you for reading.


Join CoinSpot via the official link